24K Magic - Album Review

So.... Bruno Mars, pop genius, gifted us his new album, 24K Magic, yesterday, and I have some thoughts on it. Being a fan of Mars's previous works I went into to the listening experience of this album with high expectations, and I was not disappointed. His use of funk grooves and pop melodies leaves the listener filled with pure joy fresh feeling that is rarely matched in this age of music. The way the harmonies and background vocals contribute to the music makes you feel involved and really helps you not just listen but experience the music. Bruno has this way of telling you exactly what he wants you to do and it makes you let go of your self conscious and be one with the music, aka pure magic. You start to really feel that in the second and third songs of the album, "Chunky" and "Perm". Golden. 

Starting from the beginning with "24K Magic" you KNOW it's about to be a good time. When Bruno originally released this single it got me so excited that he was was expanding upon his "Uptown Funk" epidemic that I could not wait to hear the rest of the album. However, it was the 4th song, "That's What I Like", that really did it for me. This song has this bounce that not just makes you want to dance, but makes you NEED to dance. Every single section of the song is hook driven and memorable without loosing the musicality and integrity of the song. It is definitely my favorite song on the album and I hope it goes on to be a hit because I think the world would really benefit from that song being a hit quite honestly. 

The album goes on to unfold beautifully with more emotion filled songs such as "Versace on the Floor" and "Too Good To Say Goodbye" - which pretty much is the song every girl wants a guy to write about them at some point, similarly to his hit "When I Was Your Man". (Yes, he did it again.) 

Bottom line is you need to listen to this album. All the way through. The magic is not just within one song but in the whole album. It is not just for the pop enthusiasts, like myself, but for everyone who appreciates a good groove. Listen and let me know what you think, I am genuinely interested in what others think about this album!